Weekly Kaleidoscope #1 – Summer season

A system I really like, originating from psgels at the Star Crossed Anime Blog.
I decided to adopt it for a few reasons:
1)- It’s easy to use and saves unnecessary blog posts(and therefore time).
2)- I can voice my opinion on every show I’m watching per season, everyone’s happy.
3)- I can limit the shows I’m blogging to 2 or 3, though even that can increase (or decrease) in a good/bad season.
4)- More time for reviews, analyzing shows and random thoughts on random things.

So, here are my thoughts on what I’ve seen these past two weeks, starting from what I liked the least to what I liked the most:

Ranpo Kitan:

Well, it’s hard to even start with what this show is doing wrong. Ranging from being incredibly edgy and stupid, to having an incredibly bland cast of characters, to the nonchalant reaction everyone has to finding a dead body and the questionable directing and pacing.

I also would like to add that the teacher has CAT EARS on. Look, it may slide in a slice of life, but certainly not in a murder mystery setting.

Conclusion: Dropped.

ranpo-kitan-game-of-laplace-0102 ranpo-kitan-game-of-laplace-0123

Symphogear S3:

This show has a rather infamous reputation for being so bad, it’s freaking hilarious.
That being said, the production values look great and the OST is as good as ever.
Characters are all gay for one another and the script is a walking joke, but at least this show is fully aware of how bad it is and endorses it.

Conclusion: Guilty pleasure.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX - 01 - Large 11Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX - 01 - Large 08

Nothing noteworthy or worth caring for about the show. It’s so average in every way possible that it hurts, though you’d expect that the setting would save it or something.
Lacks entertainment value.

Conclusion: Snore fest.

Gate - 01 - Large 02 Gate - 01 - Large 22

No effort or love has been put into this. It’s clear this show is just using Key’s name as a cashgrab, and is completely devoid of all the charm and effort that previous titles have put into them. The characters are unremarkable, the story is as cliche as you can get, there is a massive disconnect between the audience and the show, and it’s way too short to go somewhere with its themes.

Conclusion: Hanging around for completion’s sake.

Charlotte - 01 - Large 29 Charlotte - 02 - Large 17


This is your typical action anime, though it seems to draw quite a lot of influence from similarly themed American action styled anime series (like Black Lagoon, for example). That being said, it seems like a one trick pony that will be forgotten the moment it’s done; the characters are bland, the show is a bit too edgy and the story cliche.
So it’s just a mediocre seasonal with a lot of entertainment value and hype going for it.

Conclusion: Fun but forgettable the moment it’s done.

gangsta-0104 gangsta-0105

Rokka no Yuusha:

Interesting, very interesting. The usual fantasy cliches are here, but it’s clear that the writer put a lot of effort into this show; the costumes have clear Aztec influences, the characters are interesting and fun to watch, injuries don’t magically heal in seconds and the lore is interesting.
This can go somewhere, so long as it is a fun adventure series and doesn’t lower itself to the usual LN antics.

Conclusion: Cautiously optimistic.

Rokka no Yuusha - 01 - Large 25 Rokka no Yuusha - 01 - Large 42
Working S3:

What we’ve come to expect; a group of teenagers working at a resturant and messing around with one another. Characters are fun to watch, animation is decent and consistent, the character interactions are comedy gold and the music is the same as the previous seasons.
That being said, I heard that this season apparently moves some of the ships present in the previous seasons forward. I’m curious as to what would happen.

Conclusion: Light-hearted fun and incredibly funny to watch.

WORKING!!! - 01 - Large 01 WORKING!!! - 01 - Large 21

Durarara x2 Ten:

I love Durarara. Hell, I am among the few who like it more than Baccano. The characters are a lot more fun to watch, the themes (social media, mythology, urban legends) are more interesting and I just generally like it better.
That being said, this second cour of the second season is suffering from the same problem; stop adding characters. The cast is MASSIVE, and while this is part of the show’s charm and one of its main positives (being able to balance so many characters at once) I feel worried that we may get to the point where the show can’t handle it anymore and lose its balance and charm.
I should place this higher, but that concern bugs me to no end.

Conclusion: Very fun and addictive to watch, but concerns over character balance are present.

Durarara x2 Ten - 01 - Large 01 Durarara x2 Ten - 01 - Large 17

Akagami no Shirayukihime:

After Akatsuki no Yona, here comes another fantasy shojo. I’m familiar with the manga in this case, and as such I can safely recommend a very solid and consistent series with very likeable main leads and artwork. The animation is great and the coloring looks absolutely beautiful, so long as Bones stay true to the source material I see nothing to worry about.

Conclusion: Colorful, stylish and very appealing to watch.

Akagami no Shirayukihime - 01 - Large 01 Akagami no Shirayukihime - 01 - Large 20

Ushio to Tora:

I honestly felt happy while watching this. This show hits all the right notes that a shonen series should; the tone successfully shifts from dark to light and back without feeling forced, the comedy is funny, the characters are endearing and it avoids many of the plotholes that many shonen series do.

Conclusion: Fun, refreshing and good old charm.

Ushio to Tora - 01 - Large 01 Ushio to Tora - 01 - Large 12
Aquarion Logos:

I’m ecstatic that Aquarion is back, considering that Aquarion Evol is one of my favorite shows ever and that the writing is as absolutely hilarious as ever. The story is nonsense (robots getting powered by orgasms, I kid you not) but the fun characters are all what truly matter in a show like this, and I’m happy to say that they’re incredibly funny to watch.
Yeah, this is my favorite of the season so far.

Conclusion: Dumb yet charming and straightforward, it’s prequel is one of the most fun character-driven shows out there.

aquarion-logos Aquarion-Logos-anime-009


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