Summer season anime kaleidoscope #2

Symphogear S3:

Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX - 01 - Large 08

The past two episodes haven’t been as utterly ridiculous and over the top as the first episode, but it’s still as fun (read: dumb) as ever. Admittedly, trying to top girls riding on rockets and destroying part of one of the highest mountains on the planet is going to be hard to top, but I have faith in the creators at somehow being able to top that.

Rokka no Yuusha

Rokka no Yuusha - 04 - Large 08

The third episode was a spectacular dip in quality compared to the other two.
Flower girl’s character design looks atrocious and the main characters are equipped with plot armor that would make Ichigo from Bleach blush.
Whatever the first two episodes were worth is worth nothing now that the show has dropped the bomb and is slowly losing quality.

God Eater:

God Eater - 01 - Large 01

Wow, this show sucks. For one, the story is the most cliche and obvious one I’ve seen in years. The CGI is hitting a nerve or two, and not in a good way. The characters are tropes, and the show isn’t hiding the fact that’s it’s just another shonen with ufotable’s name tagged on it.
While the God Eater games in Japan are among the most popular JRPGs in recent years and an anime adaptation would’ve been inevitable, I can’t help but feel that the fact that this is getting an adaptation has more to do with Attack on Titan’s recent popularity than with anything else.
Though the show is probably going to sell the anime to a lot of people both in the West and Japan simply by having ufotable’s name attached to it.
That being said, this show isn’t for me and there isn’t much to say about it.


GANGSTA - 04 - Large 01

The budget that was put into the first episode has all but disappeared, bringing us some absolutely amazing “QUALITY”. Seriously, this show isn’t bad as much as it is trying way too hard to be a spiritual successor to Black Lagoon. And here we have a problem, because not only does the show lose in every way possible, but it doesn’t even stand on its own.
Also, is it just me or is every character in this show a pimp or a prostitute? That’s a surprising lack of diversity, y’know.

Charlotte - 03 - Large 24

This week’s episode was a step above the others; the dead girl’s character is interesting and the confession scene was pretty nice (even if I could see it coming from a mile away). That being said, we’re at episode 3 and I still have absolutely no clue what this show wants to accomplish. It’s trying to be a coming of age story about the characters losing their powers, but honestly the powers are more of a pain to have, so I can’t see why they’d want to have them or miss having them later on.
This show can focus on the friendship between the main characters, but think about it; Little Busters’s adaptation, flawed as it may be, had 39 episodes (not to mention 8 OVA episodes) to slowly develop the friendship and feelings of the characters. Here, we have an astounding 13 (3 of which are done), with literally no time and no advancement in the character dynamics aside from, “here’s my past, feel bad for me”.

Working S3

WORKING!!! - 03 - Large 05

Nothing noteworthy, just another fun episode with the typical humor and comedy.

Durarara x2 Ten

Durarara x2 Ten - 01 - Large 06

The show focuses now on the crazy sis and the girl with Celty’s (fake) head.
Pretty good episode that moved all three characters forward, though the arc’s core story is not moving forward and remains in place.
It’s building up towards something, I’m certain, I just want to know WHAT.

Akagami no Shirayukihime

Akagami no Shirayukihime - 03 - Large 10

The show’s main characters are a bit…too friendly, especially at this point in the story.
That being said, the show is soothing and the pacing works for the kind of show this is.
Ushio to Tora

Ushio to Tora - 01 - Large 01

The show isn’t adapting the whole manga, though apparently the writer has picked what chapters will get adapted and what won’t.
The show is incredibly charming, straight to the point and does a certain shonen trope (the main character’s interactions with a beast that’s supposed to be his companion) very well.
It’s also well aware of how ridiculous certain tropes are, twisting them to avoid fully suspending disbelief.
For example, the main character and Tora get caught on camera while escaping in an over the top fashion.
It may not seem like much, but it does a lot to humanize the story.
Aquarion Logos


The show is ditching the plot and whatever it stands for in favor of developing its characters, which is pretty much what Evol did and what the first Aquarion didn’t do.
The snarky dialogue and character interactions, like Evol, are the highlight of the show.
Rather decent fight scenes and decent plot progression, but really, nobody watches the show for that.


One thought on “Summer season anime kaleidoscope #2

  1. I feel like Charlotte is establishing a norm that Maeda is at some point going to shatter. The visuals released for the show imply it’ll take a dark turn, so giving us a steadiness of character introduction and interaction at first can make that change all the more impactful. Their back-stories are also a lot more than just sob story material as they develop the characters’ motivations, strengths and flaws while also leaving gaps we want to see filled.

    We may have had three episodes of introduction to character dynamics, but because of that I feel I know this bunch, and want to know this bunch, better than anyone else this season.

    Rokka no Yuusha is definitely bombing quickly for me too though. For a world-is-going-to-end plot everyone seems quite chirpy and underdressed. Maybe the plot will have something cool in store, but I’ve already lost interest, so I doubt that’ll matter.


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